Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I rent a car?

Call us anytime to rent a vehicle and we will negotiate a pick up location that’s convenient for you.

Find us on Google Maps: Explore Rent A Car, Karpathos 85700, Greece

How can I drop off the rental car?

The drop off location will be included as part of your rental package. However, if something last minute comes up we’ll be able to pick your car up at any of our locations.

What happens if have an accident in my rental?

No worries! If you bought the accident coverage package with your rental it’s covered up to a certain amount.

What if I get a flat tire, have engine trouble, other issues?

We have 24/7 roadside assistance. Give us a call and we’ll send someone out to assist you. The less time you spend by the roadside the more you have enjoying your stay on the island!