The Island of Karpathos

Beautiful beaches, exciting island life, Aegean paradise


Karpathos is the second largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands. With an area of 301 square kilometers, the island has 160 kilometers of coastline. Located between the islands of Rhodes and Crete, Karpathos is a popular destination in the Aegean Sea. The island is famous for its hospitality and preserved customs. 

Preserved Island Life

Experience the traditions of the Karpathian people firsthand. Take part in the customs and festivals that make the island one of the prime destinations in the Aegean.

Sandy and Pebbled Beaches

The emerald water, cool breeze, sun shining down on the island. What better place is there to get away for a while?

Island Adventures

Spend the day sailing around the island or have a relaxing dinner at a local cafe. Whatever you do on your stay, it will be something to remember!

Surfs Up!

Go windsurfing on the western coastline where the surf is strong. Go diving, boat touring, get surf lessons, or ride a jet ski. Enjoy an exciting day of recreation on the water!